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Piano Competition presided over by Professor Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń 45 participants representing 14 countries, including 9 from Poland, 8 from Japan, 7 from China, 5 from Italy qualified to Stage II.

They are:

Mr Piotr Alexewicz, Poland
Ms Leonora Armellini, Italy
Mr J J Jun Li Bui, Canada
Ms Michelle Candotti, Italy
Mr Kai-Min Chang, Chinese Taipei
Mr Xuehong Chen, China
Mr Hyounglok Choi, South Korea
Mr Federico Gad Crema, Italy
Mr Alberto Ferro, Italy
Ms Yasuko Furumi, Japan
Mr Alexander Gadjiev, Italy/Slovenia
Mr Avery Gagliano, U.S.A.
Mr Martin Garcia Garcia, Spain
Ms Eva Gevorgyan, Russia/Armenia
Ms Wei-Ting Hsieh, Chinese Taipei
Mr Adam Kałduński, Poland
Mr Nikolay Khozyainov, Russia
Ms Su Yeon Kim, South Korea
Ms Aimi Kobayashi, Japan
Mr Mateusz Krzyżowski, Poland
Mr Jakub Kuszlik, Poland
Mr Shushi Kyomasu, Japan
Mr Hyuk Lee, South Korea
Mr Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu, Canada
Mr Arsenii Mun, Russia
Mr Szymon Nehring, Poland
Mr Viet Trung Nguyen, Vietnam/Poland
Mr Georgijs Osokins, Latvia
Mr Evren Ozel, U.S.A.
Mr Kamil Pacholec, Poland
Mr Hao Rao, China
Mr Sohgo Sawada, Japan
Mr Aristo Sham, China, Hong Kong
Ms Miyu Shindo, Japan
Mr Talon Smith, U.S.A.
Mr Kyohei Sorita, Japan
Ms Szuyu Su, Chinese Taipei
Mr Hayato Sumino, Japan
Mr Yutong Sun, China
Mr Tomoharu Ushida, Japan
Mr Marcin Wieczorek, Poland
Mr Andrzej Wierciński, Poland
Mr Yuchong Wu, China
Mr Lingfei (Stephan) Xie, Canada/China
Mr Zi Xu, China
We most warmly congratulate the pianists who have qualified to the following stages of the Chopin Competition. The precise times of Stage II auditions will soon be provided in the Calendar tab.

The second stage of the 18th Chopin Competition is slated from 9 to 12 October.